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QUESTION: Dear Dr.Prasad Chandragiri,

I need an answer from you regarding Homeopathy.Before knowing how homeopathic dilutions are prepared,I was confident in getting a homeopathic treatment.Infact, I had argued with my parents,sister and friends that homeopathy is the best form of alternative medical treatment.I came to know a month back that these homeopathic dilutions don't have even a single molecule or an atom of the original drug that are used to make dilutions.So, the final homeopathic dilutions could contain only water.Now, I am amazed to know how those dilutions work for potencies like 200C,1M,10M,50M which are just water alone.If it makes a cure,I want to know how it works on what basis.Please don't mistake me as I ask you like this and my doubt about homeopathy has to be cleared so that I can get Homeopathic treatment again.Kindly reply me.



ANSWER: Dear Siva,
         Homeopathic medicines are basically bioenergetic preparations that act on the principles of molecular memory and quantum physics. When homeopathic medicines are prepared, they are not merely diluted; they are potentized, i.e. triturition (crushing using a mortar and pestle) or succussion (using forceful jerks to mix two liquids) is used to cause friction between the parent and vehicle molecules. This leads to a transfer of energies from the former to the latter, which are sufficient enough to modulate the human immune system, so as to evoke a curative response. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Dear Dr.Prasad,

         I am happy that it works after reading your reply to me.I am 35 years old man.I have a skin problem called Lichen Planus which affected my right leg in the year 2001 and I got allopathic treatment for this and this problem got controlled in 2004.But my skin problem relapsed again in 2009.In 2009,I went to see a dermatologist in chennai who prescribed me to take Fluconazole-150 Mg and Metronidazole-100Mg for 3 months and I had Kenacort 0.01% injections in every 12 days also.The problem was controlled again for the next 5 years i.e., till 2014.It has relapsed again now and I have many wounds in my legs.I don't know what to do to cure it.Please suggest me some Homeopathic remedies to cure it.



ANSWER: Dear Siva,
         Lichen panus has a very strong psychological component in its development. I have seen numerous patients develop the condition during periods of severe emotional stress. First and foremost, look back into your life and see if you also have some emotional cause for the same. If yes, you will have to learn to meditate and relax mentally, so that circumstances in life stop affecting so so badly. Further, if yopu want me to try and treat you, I will require more details about you, based on the questionnaire that I have provided on the allexperts website. Please give me all that information, so that I can attempt to treat you constitutionally, i.e. holistically. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Dear Dr.Prasad, My answers to the questionnaire are,

For a homeopathic consultation, I request my patients to provide details related to the following:

1] The chief complaint as regards its location, sensation, aggravating and ameliorating factors, and any related symptoms

I suffered from a skin problem called Lichen Planus in the Year January 2001 and got the treatment through allopathy for 2 years and that problem was controlled.It affected my legs .At times when it is required, I take certain medicines like Allercet 10 Mg to prevent skin allergies.I also have some lipomas on my body for which I took Kanchanara Guggulu and those lipomas have diminished in their size effectively. Symptoms are itching of skin and blood coming out of it.

2] Probable cause of the complaint

You are right that I have this problem due to Emotional factors.To me everything one achieves in his life is because of his/her past karma.I had enemies in my life and they tried to take revenge on me for nothing and even tried to close me if they have had a chance to do so when I was 20 years old.As you said, I meditated on God Shiva when I faced this problem  15 years ago and because of him I was protected from evil persons who wanted to exploit me.They are all helpless now only due to God and they can be defeated only in this way.Even now I know how bad they were to me.
3] Any associated complaints
  No assciated complaints with this.

4] Appetite/ Thirst troubles
I am a vegetarian and like all those foods especially potatoes.I don't like brinjal.I don't crave for foods and I drink 3 cups of coffee daily.I don't like oily foods as it upsets my stomach.I drink 4 litres of water daily.My hunger is normal and Sweat is More on my Head,Limbs.

5] Cravings/Aversions

I have no cravings for foods or any aversions also.

6] Bowel/ Bladder problems

My bowel movement is OK and I have no problems with digestion,constipation,acidity and no bladder problems.

7] Sleep disturbances

I sleep good at all the times except when I have some problems.

8] Dreams

I have no dreams which are recurrent and I donít dream girls as I have no sexual desire.

9] Mentality/Temperament

I am a Software Engineer and a Violinist also.  I love my profession. My dream job is to become a great violinist in the future.  I move with my friends in a good way and I will be helpful to them and they too are helpful to me.I am single. I am always happy when I play violin or sing music or if anyone sings or plays music in their musical instrument.I feel emotionally better by listening to the music. I am not a short tempered person.I donít like to attack people by insulting them and for that reason I cannot keep quiet when someone attacks me,so Iíll reply them accordingly. I have no strange or peculiar thoughts or feelings.I don't know about how others are different from me and I don't have any preconceived opinions about anyone, so I never judge anyone. Each person does his/her work and live according to their wish.The only thing is one should not create problems to others and think others as oneself and vice versa.

10] Sexual disorders

I need medicines from you for erectile dysfunction problem also as I suffer from it since 2005. Actually, my Erectile dysfunction problem occurred since I had masturbated severely in the past and the problem got worse after doing masturbation which affected my nervous system.My ED problem is always at worst since I am not getting a cure. When I did Masturbation I lost the power of sexual desire entirely and it affected my spinal nerves.I have stopped to masturbate for the past 10 years and no semen were produced in this 10 years i.e., even for once semen is not produced. In my earlier days, I used to masturbate once everyday. I used to masturbate in toilets whenever it was necessary. This habit in me started to grow up and I began to masturbate 2 times on one day and 1 time on the next day and this habit gradually increased and at a certain point of doing this masturbation I lost sexual desire, penis became small and stopped to respond properly. Thereafter, my penis never got back itís original size. Altogether, it comes around 11 times of masturbation in a week.

Please suggest me certain medicine for my sexual problems also.I have a fear now that I wonít get a cure for this problem.

11] Past history of diseases/ surgery

I had suffered twice from Jaundice when I was 6 years old and twice from Typhoid when I was 12 years old.

12] Family history of diseases/surgery

Mother suffers from Type 2 Diabetes.
Father suffered from Heart Attack 10 years ago.



Dear Siva,
         On the basis of your history,I suggest that you start with Calcarea phosphoricum 30C, 4 pills thrice daily for 15 days. Thereafter, let me know if you experience any improvement in some or all your problems. Please do not forget to eat healthy and exercise regularly too. Thank you.  


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