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QUESTION: I had masterbate around  2 year and 10 year ago now i am 27 year old now  i am still unmarried but after some time my my marriage  will held but i feel that i have  premature ejaculation  and  not long lasting errection  so i would like to say that .what you think about me that any treatment required for me or it subside after marriage please guide me thanku

ANSWER: Dear Rizwan, you are welcome

It is only your thinking, so you need not to worry about anything. Moreover, the body has its own repair and healing mechanism, and it can compensate all the short comings. You donít need any treatment, you need self-confidence.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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QUESTION: Thanku i am .very much satisfied  by your answer  only one query i have that  i was brilliant student in my early career but after all above mention condition   my memory become weak poor concentration lack of interest present my mind tired  very easily self confidence became poor  now i want to regain my mental power now i want to gain  good post graduation digree  please guide me what can i  do and for what duration  any natural homeopathic solution available for me

Dear Rizwan, welcome again

Your problem needs not any medication. You have to do some simple exercises to improve your concentration and control your wandering thoughts. You may google the internet or contact some yoga trainer to find out some suitable meditation exercises for you. You will be ok within a couple of months and feel much better. Avoid unnecessary medication.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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