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Homeopathy/marriage and sexual behaviour related


QUESTION: Hello sir  i am  27 year old unmarried man  i have no organic  disease or disfunction  i feel that i have premature ejaculation  and short time errection  this is my thinking due to  i had masturbate 10 year ago few times and the 2 year ago few times  in allopathy all this is only mentaly  produce  and no effect on  body anf mind but i trust more on natural and homeotherapy  on online consultant many said staphysagria or lycopodium  can take many said  this problem subside after marriage  donot take any medicine please guide me something

ANSWER: Dear Rizwan,
         You are very young. If you are only suspecting that you have a problem, without having attempted sexual intercourse, even I would not recommend any treatment for you. You might as well focus on eating healthy, exercising regularly, and developing the right perspective towards life. You seem to be normal and should therefore not worry about your marriage. If you experience any problems after getting married, you can always get treated then. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Very much thanks sir i am very much satisfied with your.answer  and i try my best and realy  go forward
Just one query that  i feel my concentration power memory are weak  lack of interest all that present  this is due to the same above mention cause or anything else and what can i do for come out from this situation because i need three year post graduation very hard study and because of this i loose my self confidence

Dear Rizwan,
         The best way of improving concentration is by meditation. If you are religious person, I would advise you to do Namaz every day, as it is also a type of meditation. However, as you pray, you should force yourself to concentrate on every word and try to remember the meaning of each Arabic term in your own mother tongue. Alternatively, if you find this difficult, you can simply chant one of the holy names or phrases in the name of God; for example, 'Ya Ali' or 'La ilaha ill Allah Muhammadur-Rasul Allah' or 'Bismillah hir-Rahman nir-Rahim.' Do this mentally only, without opening your mouth. This is another way of developing mind control, whilst simultaneously seeking blessings from the divine. Along with this, indulge in your favorite hobby for a little time each day. This will help to develop interest in life again. On the homeopathic side, I suggest that you take Acidum phosphoricum 200C, 6 pills every week on the same day; for example, every Sunday night before you go to sleep. Thank you.  


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