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Dear sir,

Good Morning,

My name is P.Ram Mohan, living at Rajahmundry - Andhra pradesh, I am 29 Years old, I am Married completed 1year [Love marriage]. i am very sensitive person, I dont know sir but i feel fear and tension. I am looks like reserved person. My height is 5feet -9inches, and i am thin but my weight is 65kgs.

My problems starts from my first night,

My problem is discharge Very very fastly when i just put my pennis into the my wife organ then immeadiately drops came out. and after discharge i dont feel or Interest do the sex.

after 1 hour we again start the sex, my pennis put into the organ then early discharge within one minute only and also my penis not become hard at time of sex.

by all these are my problems, I and my wife are very upset at that time, She told me many times for please use any medicines. i dont like to use english medicenes.

Kindly Please help me for my problem. please give the medicene... I love my wife very much sir, she also loves and cares me very much.

Kindly please give the best medicene and usage of medicene. and tell me diet if any necessity.

Heartfully thanking you sir....

Dear Ram,
        Please learn to practice the start-stop-start technique to develop better control over your orgasm and delay your ejaculation. Also, practice meditation or mental relaxation techniques to have better mind control. On the homeopathic side, you can start with Nux vomica 30C, 4 pills thrice daily for 15 days, which can reduce the overexcitability of your genitals. Please do keep me informed. Thank you.


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