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Hello sir i am  mbbs graduate doctor  i am 27 year old male and  i have thin and dry hair with premature greying of hairs also i have 2to 3 white hair in beard .my temporal and frontal  mainy hairs lost and i have mild baldness in this area and i also have hair fall problem
My father and grand father both of them have baldness
Now i want to know that.any thing available for me atleast for hair falling for rest of my hair and stop premature greying ( my.homeopathic doctor friend told me that homeo drugs for hair may cuase harm to your sexual power so dont take befor marriage
Sir is this true)


Sorry about the late reply. I missed the mail somehow.

In my opinion its not true that if you treat this condition with homeopathy you will have side effects in other area. It is simply not true if you take constitutional treatment.

I would suggest you take proper constitutional treatment from an experienced homeopath. In addition to that also do regular Yoga, pranayama and take sentient vegetarian diet as per Yogic principle. Asanas such as Sarvangasana and Matsyamudra are especially helpful for hair growth. Learn Yoga from a good Yoga teacher. Also use hair oil to massage the scalp every night. Use oil like cocconut oil or Mustard oil.

All in all hair loss is an indication of constitutional defect and whole constitution should be corrected for this issue to be satisfactorily corrected. I have helped some people with this issue and now they have good healthy hair. Be patient and take above mentioned steps on the regular basis and you will see improvement within a few weeks and months.

best wishes,

Aryev P. Bhardwejj


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