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My age is 27 and I am suffering from indigestion since long time.I underwent treatment from various doctors and did all kind of tests such as Liver profile test, montauk test, colonoscopy, lungs test and CBC recently but reports were normal. my sgpt was normal and doctor told me i have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) advised me to avoid spicy food. However i am not able to digest food till now and suffer from nausea and gastric problem every time. My diet is normal food and drink lot of water (RO water) but i feel my abdomen inflated and heavy after drinking water in the morning with Pantocid DSR empty stomach.sometimes i get hyperacidity also.I tried every remedy to cure but problem is still pertaining.

Please advise


ANSWER: Dear Rahul,

I would advise constitutional homeopathic treatment from a good homeopath. It involves detailed case taking and investigation and prescribing a remedy individualized to you and regular follow ups for several months. That is likely to help you. Please find a good homeopath near you and take their treatment diligently.Since it requires detailed work with you and much more detailed information, it cannot be done here in this platform as its very limited.

best wishes

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Thank you for your prompt response on the subject. I am obliged by your kind help. Currently i am undergoing homoeopathy treatment with following prescriptions:

Lyco 200
Arg nit 200
Acid Phos
Chelidonium Maj
Carduus Mar

and today he added Bio compound no 25 to relieve my stomach.

Please let me know if the above prescription is related to my symptoms.

Thanks and regards,


Dear Rahul,

In my opinion this is not good homeopathy. The cardinal principals of homeopathy are:

1. Similimum (Correct remedy)
2. Single remedy
3. Lowest dose

using multiple remedies for a case is not a good homeopathic practice. I suggest you find a true classical homeopath and take treatment from them.

best wishes,


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