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I have a patient, young male 15yrs old with Epidermolysis Bullosa and is very very thin. I want to know
where to get Sac Lac I live in Cambodia.What do you have for a skin recipe for keeping the skin soft.
I want to put some weight on him and could use protein powders for weight gain,  tho I would need to check kidney functions to make sure we don't give too much protein. Could you please advise Thank you very much for all the advise !

Dear Debbie Walsh, you are welcome

You can obtain the sac lac from any homeopathic store or the homeopathic clinic. You can order it online, but it will cost much more. You can also prepare the homeopathic remedies in alcohol or even in water.

The condition you have mentioned is not easy to handle. Only a competent doctor can handle such cases throughout the treatment. It requires sound knowledge, detailed case taking, involvement and patience. The patient must be treated by considering his mental, emotional and physical symptoms. However, it is not beyond hope.

In homeopathy there is no ‘recipe’ or specific remedy for any disease or condition. Detailed case taking is required for proper prescription. And the cases like that mentioned by you require utmost care and attention. So, you are advised to consult some nearby classical homeopath for proper treatment.

Best wishes,
Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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