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Homeopathy/Sero-negative spondyloarthropathy


Hello Dr. Sultan I am Aamir from Pakistan. May age is 43 years, married with three children. I am a patient of Sero-negative spondyloarthropathy since Dec, 2006. The allopathic medicines (mostly are pain killer) given to me its relieve my pain only temporarily. I have to take them for life time without any hope of cure. I also use Homeopathic medicine (as advice by H Dr. name of medicines he didnt tell me) for two years but no result. Nowadays i have morning stiffness, continues pain in all joints, and pain increase when i rest or sleep.   
Can you help me in this regard through homeopathic treatment ?

Dear Aamir, you are welcome

It is very astonishing that you have used homeopathic remedies for two years without feeling any relief. Properly prescribed correct homeopathic remedy must provide appreciable relief within 24 hours. Two years are more than enough to transform the health condition. You should change the homeopath and consult a classical homeopath. Classical homeopaths donít give patent formula medicines or self-made combinations. They give single remedy at a time Ė mostly in powder form.

Your case requires a lot of information, for which detailed case taking is necessary. After initial consultation, you will also need some follow up consultations. All this cannot be handled at this limited forum. You are, therefore, advised to consult some nearby classical homeopath for proper treatment. Be sure, that treatment will bring you relief within 24 hours and drastic changes over the time. So, donít lose hope.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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