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QUESTION: Assalam o alekum
Question 1
My name is Ahmed, i got married 3 years ago but during this married life time i could satisfied only once to my wife. I can give maxumum 20 seconds time, my ejaculation time is very bad. I have used many types of madicines e.g Damiana, Vitality, Duramale etc but to be honest i could not get any improvement these all are fake and bogus madicines in which i just wasted money and time.

I am struggling to much to improve it, someone advised online to use Acid Phos 200 pills + Lycopodium 200 Pills + Selenium 30 pills. I have bought these medicines from pharmacy but don't know how to use them. I request you please help me and andvise how to take these medicines. May Allah Bless You- Aameen

Question 2
I have second question. I have urination problem, i use to go to toilet in every 5-10 minutes. my medical reports are clear, dr says my bladder is overactive. I took english medicines for manay months but couldn't get any relieve. for the moment i am using R74 drops but still no relive and because of this reason i had to resign from my job. I am so worried. please help me

Looking forward to hear from you

May ALLAH give you more success- ameen.

ANSWER: Dear Ahmed, you are welcome

The best advice for you is, stop taking combinations or so called formula or specific medicines. These will complicate your case. You need a single remedy for your both problems. For normal health and total cure you have to consult some competent classical homeopath. After detailed case taking, he will prescribe some suitable single remedy for you. Otherwise you will do more harm to your health than getting some benefit.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks for your kind response but i still didnt get my answer 😕 May be i couldnt understand your advise. Can you please advise me which one medicice of them you are talking about? and when should i take it? and is it not possible to take three of them together at one time three times a day?

And what about my urination problem.

I request you please read my previouse both questios and then give me your preciouse advise

Dear Ahmed, welcome back

I have already read your both questions. My reply was comprehensive, but now I try to explain it in more detail. Let me quote your sentence “I have used many types of madicines e.g Damiana, Vitality, Duramale etc but to be honest i could not get any improvement these all are fake and bogus madicines”.  Damiana etc. are not fake and bogus medicines but why didn’t you have any benefit from these medicines. Because these medicines were not matching with your general, overall personality picture. The basic rule of homeopathy is ‘symptom similarity’ that means, patient’s symptoms should match exactly with the remedy symptoms. Then and only then the remedy will work curatively. Only one remedy should be given. There are no specifics in homeopathy like ‘take this for that’. Now you want to use three remedies. It is against homeopathy. I have never used more than one remedy throughout my practice, and this is classical homeopathy.

Moreover, a single remedy should cover your impotence and frequent urination symptoms. You will be got cured from both of your problems with a single remedy. That is why I have advised you to seek a classical homeopath nearby. After detailed case taking, he will prescribe a single homeopathic remedy which will treat your both issues.

Non-indicated remedies may suppress or complicate the disease, they never cure.

Hope I have answered your question. If there is something unclear, I am here to answer.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud


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