Dear Mahmud

I have tried Colocynth 30 for right side sciatica.  It  worked for a long while, but now my right leg has become stiff and I also now have numbness on the sole of my foot and the pain has also returned.   Do I need to try it in 200 potency?  Will that work?  I thought that 30c potency was better for physical level.  I also have taken Rhus Tox 200 but I have not noticed any results.   Kali phos 30 used to also work.  Now I started taking Kali Phos 200 but have not had any results with that potency either.

I usually take remedies in water and succuss 50 to 100 times.

Please help me with any suggestions.
Thank you.

Dear Mary, you are welcome

First of all I would like to say that homeopathy has no specifics. You cannot say “take this for that”. Second rule, that we should observe is, give a single dose of the remedy and let the medicine work. Too much repetition or prolonged use may complicate the case and the patient may develop undesirable new symptoms. Finally, first and the most important rule for remedy prescription is symptoms similarity – between patient and the remedy.

If you have mental, emotional, and physical symptoms, matching with colocynthis (or kali phos. etc.), then and only then you can use this remedy in any potency – it will benefit you and you can expect a cure, otherwise it will suppress or complicate the symptom picture.

Suppression is not a favourable outcome, because the disease remains inside the body and grows with the time.

Hope, I have answered your question.

Best wishes,

Dr. Sultan Mahmud



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