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Cannot get erection when I meet my wife. Some times I got very very weak erection and discharge within few seconds with a discharge liquid very thin and white.
I am 45 yrs married male father of 4 children. I start masturbation at the age of 17 on regular basis. My masturbation was different, Sleeping in bed with my face down I hold my penis with my right hand such that the base of my penis is in my palm and I squeeze the penis with my fingers and after some time I released. At the age of 17-20 the discharged was very thick but after some time at the age of 24-26 it becomes very thin. It start with watching porn movies and I continuously watching it till I was 30 yrs and then I got married. Even after marriage I have been seeing these porn but frequency was decreased. Even after marriage I used to masturbate some times Because I did not satisfy my partner properly and she refuse intercourse. During my whole married life I did not got full erection but loose one and even from the base the penis is very loose and bent to left a little bit.
Some times when I take good food at night the I get full erection after 4 to 5 hours sleep but the base of penis is very week. If I pass urine and come to bed the this erection lost. Not every night but most of night when I go to bed and play my penis with my hand I get erection some time hard and some times loose but the erection went away when I engage with my wife.
Four years back I got blood pressure in the range 105 to 150 and I use 1/2 Zistral 5mg at every night before sleeping.
Three years back I got pain in my right knee and after 6 month allopathic treatment the pain was there. Then I wnet to Homeopathic doctor he gave me compound of Rhus tox and other medicine and after 6 months treatment the knee is fine but some times in cold I have little bit pain. I also told him the sex problem the he gave me Damina solution and orchitinum tablets. I did not feel much improvement. What is your suggestions.
Daily routine
My regular routine is 8 hrs office work and 1 houre walk every day. I was great hiker before my knee problem. But now I walk regularly.
Physically and mentally I am OK.
I am from pakistan so please tell me the international medicine so that it will be available in pakistan.

ANSWER: Dear Mukhtar,
         You seem to be suffering from the ill effects of sexual excesses. I suggest that you start off with Acidum phosphoricum 30C, 4 pills thrice daily for a month. I will make your second prescription on the basis of your response to this protocol. Practise abstinence for about 15 days, eat healthy food, and indulge in vigorous exercises. This should help you. Thank you.

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QUESTION: Should I stop all other Homeopathic medicine which I am taking for foe my knee problem and for sexual weakness problem (I am taking Raus tox mixing with other medicine for my knee problem and Damina solution and orchitinum tablets for sexual weakness problem).
It seems to me that this problem is due to weak flow of blood in penis during the foreplay because I now I have blood pressure in the range 95-140. In october 2015 the Cholesterol was 205 (normal range is 200) and Triglycerides was 250 (normal range is also 200. Please note that I am taking 1/2 of Zistral 5 mg tablets daily before going to bed.
Does Acidum phosphoricum 30C has any side effects?.

Dear Mukhtar,
         You need not stop the other homeopathic medicines. However, I would prefer it if you take only Acidum phosphoricum for 15 days. Also, I suggested vigorous exercises for you to improve the overall blood circulation of your body, including that to your genitals. This will also help to reduce your bad cholesterol, increase your good cholesterol, and reverse any fatty deposits in your blood vessels. Thank you.


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