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I am interested in finding out the correct homeopathic remedy for heat-intolerance. I do not have cold-intolerance, although I also have high blood-pressure and high blood-sugar levels(due to extreme stress/anxiety in the past, not due to diabetes!). I have had some minor success with brainwave entrainment as regards lowering my blood-pressure a bit, but the heat-intolerance is not being solved.Any ideas welcome! Thanks.

ANSWER: Dear Geoffrey,

Are you on any medication for the blood pressure or blood sugar? If so, check the side effects, in case heat intolerance or something that could lead to heat intolerance is listed.

If you are not taking any medications at all, not even decongestants or other drugs that can stop regular flow of blood to the skiing (to aid sweating), then it could be something wrong with your thyroid, a hormonal imbalance or something else related to stress. When you have anxiety, blood flow to the skin and limbs can become limited causing inability to sweat properly.

It is possible that you are a little dehydrated as well. It is hard to say.

Do you sweat easily? What happens to you when it is hot? When did it start happening? Those questions can help find a cause.

I have had clients that I have been able to help with heat intolerance, certainly also women who get hot flashes (but it is different). To pick a remedy is not easy because it is a symptom of something else, so lots of questions need to be asked to see which remedy is yours.


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I understand perfectly.

OK, here are my answers:-

1)I am taking medication for my high blood-pressure(elanapril) but there is no way that it is causing or affecting my heat-intolerance. You see I have had heat-intolerance for many years. It started c. age 13 and was very severe up until I was aged 30(I would feel the heat even past 10 degrees Celsius).After switching to a different diet due to newly-discovered allergies, my other health-problems disappeared and my heat-intolerance improved. Now, I generally find that I only start feeling the heat badly above 30 degrees Celsius, with me feeling merely uncomfortable above 20 Celsius. I also far prefer wearing loose T-shirts as that does not make me sweat in temperatures below 30 Celsius. Wearing normal shirts close to my skin does, however, make me sweat a lot. Recently, I went out when it was cold and raining in May(in Vienna,Austria), and my shirt got soaked in sweat after I went into a heated shop for just 5 minutes, and the sweating continued a bit(to a much lesser extent) when I went outside.

2) I have had blood tests done on my thyroid and doctors said it was fine. On the other hand, I have read online that blood-tests are generally useless for discovering nodules in the thyroid etc.

3) I do not have an inability to sweat. I sweat copiously when it is hot(or, rather when I find it to be hot). The sweating is in response to my body overheating, not due to anxiety. That is, I hardly ever sweat when it is cold.

4) I drink a lot of water, so I am sure I am not dehydrated.

5) I get a feeling of extreme heat above 30 degrees Celsius, sort of like when one enters a sauna, so it is not merely a matter of excessive sweating due to anxiety/stress. I am guessing that my long years of ill-health prior to being 30, got my brain and body into a permanent fight-or-flight-response and the heat-intolerance/high-blood-pressure/high-blood-sugar seems to be caused by this. Thanks!

ANSWER: Hello Geoffrey!

I tried to look up some remedies for you but the only one that really stands out is Pulsatilla- you can try it in 200C and see if it helps.
There are tens of remedies that might help, but we don't really know the cause, so it is hard to pick one.

YOu can check out the remedy Amylenum nit. also, seems to fit your description of the problem.

A 30C or 200C potency is fine to try a few times and see if it makes a difference.
Sometimes the right remedy in a different potency works better, but there is no way to know which one you might need, so these are general rules.

Antimonium cr. is another one that may be useful, same dosage. Try these and see.

Other choices that might help: Thyroidinum, Iodum, Calcarea c.

I have had success with my own clients with this problem, but the treatment was covering other important symptoms and life factors at the same time. Sweating is just a reaction of the body to regulate heat - the intolerance to heat could be rooted in all kinds of functions or hormonal imbalances. HIgh blood pressure is a way the body has to increase vitality when it senses there is a weakening or threat, so much as the effects are undesirable, it has a biological purpose. The key is to find what makes this happen in your case - what is your body compensating for.

I am sorry I could not provide some clear direction regarding remedies - there are actually many choices, but it is hard to pin point just one.


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thanks for your previous answer. Could you please give me some idea of how often I need to take the pills each day, and how many each time? I have ordered the 6 types you recommended in your last answer at 200C each in strength. I realise that I will have to consult a homeopathic doctor in September for a more specific diagnosis, but have no time right now as I am soon going on holiday.Thanks!

The best way is to take one granule per day. Start with one remedy - Pulsatilla is probably the best choice to try first. Take a granule (if you take more than one, it works fine and is OK). See how you feel. If you notice an effect you can also enhance the effect by diluting 3-4 granules in a water bottle, shaking well to dissolve them and sipping that when you overheat. See if it makes a difference.

If it is not the right remedy, then there will be little or no effect and you can try the next one.
Sometimes a remedy works,but not consistently and it may be due to the potency. You have 200C, but a 12C or 30C or even 1M may do the trick. It is hard to say which one off the top of my head - it is quite case specific really.

Feel free to write if you are not sure.


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