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Homeopathy/Nerve Damage from Dental Procedure


QUESTION: Hello.  I had a crown put on an upper molar on 3/22/16.  It was the new CEREC Crown procedure that took over three hours to do, but done in one day. I had two injections, but think the main problem was when the dentist aggressively crammed the large camera into the back of my mouth, about 8 or more times to get a picture.  It was with great force and I was crying and screaming.  My tongue was numb when I left the office and has had a burning sensation since, mainly on the left side of my tongue, but also at the tip of my tongue.  I lost taste and had trouble swallowing for several weeks.  I had extreme swelling for a week and a bruise on the outside of my face.  I also had severe sinus pain two days later so they recommended I have a root canal.  I had the root canal which did not help.  My upper and lower jaw are in constant pain now, my left ear hurts as well as my neck.  The tooth area where crown was done hurts constantly as well and the gum area in back and front of tooth aches. I can only open my mouth up by 40%.  I'm seeing a TMJ Pain specialist who fit me for a stint.  It's too recent to tell if it's working yet, but I know it's not going to help for my tongue.  I am on Clonazepam which I don't think is working.  I want the pain to go away and I want to heal, not just mask the pain.  Since this incident, I have had horrid panic attacks and have been under such emotional stress.  The clonazepam has helped with the anxiety quite a bit, but not for pain and I don't want to be on that forever.  Any suggestions would be so very much appreciated.  Thank you.

ANSWER: Hi Tammy!

This is no longer a simple situation - there is the impact of the anesthetic and also the damage by the repeated forcing of your jaw to take pictures, probably some stretching or dislocation and/or pressure on the nerves involved.

The main remedy for nerve damage is Hypericum and you can try a few doses of the 200C potency and see if it helps.
Symphytum or Arnica might help with the jaw pain, but there are a number of other remedies that may be better. Try those two at 30C or 200C as well.

To deal with the whole dental procedure injury, there are 4 remedies that can be taken in ascending potencies to help:
Arnica, Hypericum, Nux v., Ledum. It is usually recommended to take a dose of each of them, at the same time in the following potencies: 30C, 200C, 1M, 10M. You take all 4 remedies in the same potency once a day over 4 days - each day in the higher potency. Or you can seek out a practitioner of sequential therapy or Heilkunst to give you the remedies, as it would become expensive for home use to go buy all of those remedies.

A professional can help also guide you through the healing process by choosing the most adequate remedy in your situation.
Since you are taking Clonazepan, there are side effects to consider as well and it is best to use remedies for the pain - and remedies for the anxiety, so you can stop taking chemical drugs.

A good remedy for anxiety is Aconite or Papaver. There are many others as well, depending on the type of anxiety and panic you have. You can try one or the other in 200C potency and see how you feel.

Although it is obvious the problem stems from the poor dental work done, the solution is not just in one remedy because over time it has compounded. It is not difficult to resolve, but I am afraid you may need some professional guidance to save money and get results faster. If you want to try something on your own first, try the remedies I mentioned.

List of practitioners who can help (they all work via distance as well):

List of remedies for different dental problems, where you may find other remedies to try:

Ideally, a practitioner of sequential therapy or heilkunst should give you a daily remedy to take for the current symptoms and to offset the side effects of the clonazepan. And in addition, they will prepare for you the correct remedies for the post-dental work trauma, to clear it up and help the body overcome the damage.

Let me know if you need more help.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your response.  I had bought some other cell salts while researching online a few days before receiving your message and they are a blend of a few things, Neuralgia - Belladonna 3x, Mag Phos 6x, Spigelia 3x. Pain Tissue O has Ferr phos 3x, Kali phos 2x, Mag Phos 2x.  I also had tried the 30C Hypericum before your response and it didn't seem to help. I took them for 4 days until bottle ran out.  Then I received the others in the mail on Monday and started those that last night.
I need to better understand the dosage again for all four cell salts you are recommending. Directions on label of Hypericum say to take 4 pellets 4 times per day.  Do I follow bottle directions?  Do I take the 30C one day of each and then 2nd day start on the 200C strength for only one day? I can't seem to find 1M or 10M dosages in local stores.  I wanted to get started soon.  I guess that's where a practitioner might be helpful.  
I am in Arizona and will probably contact one of the practitioners on the list that will work with me.  Since I have started the other cell salts, will that mess anything up with your recommendation?  I am very new to homeopathy, but have always taken herbals and natural aids.  I do also want to eliminate all of the chemical forms of medication I am taking. Thank you.

Hi Tammy!

The remedies I recommended are not cell salts but actual homeopathic remedies. Cell salts are just 12 kinds and are usually in very low potencies. Remedies come in all potencies usually and there are thousands of them to choose from.

I believe Washington Homeopathic may have a variety of potencies of the remedies I wrote about. It may be cheaper for you to consult with a practitioner who can select the correct ones and mail them to you, instead of buying so many remedies that you may not use again. That was my thinking.

One pellet or granule is usually fine as a dose. Taking more is fine, too, it sells more product but is not necessary.
And yes, you take all 4 remedies in 30C one day, then 200C the next day and 1M on 3rd day and so on. Sometimes we prescribe even 50M, a higher potency, in cases with obstinate symptoms.

Then there are a variety of remedies you can take to relieve symptoms, to help with some detox or drainage and so on, prepared by a professional who can get more details about you and your needs. Usually the remedies are part of the session cost so you don't need to buy them but just pay for a session! And you get to talk to someone too and get more advice.

I would offer you more remedy suggestions but you describe quite a painful situation and more complex than a simple injury you can treat at home, so that seemed like a smarter choice - to get someone to choose your remedies and prepare them for you and mail them out to you.

Hypericum sometimes needs to be taken in higher potencies - 200C, 1M and so on,to be effective in a more lasting way Then again, there are other remedies that help with nerve pain too, many actually.

It is quite possible that you may have bruised a nerve on your neck or in your mouth - the tongue can be affected by a C4 nerve on the neck sometimes and some osteopathic or craniosacral therapy can really help in such cases as well - some gentle manipulation can relieve the pressure and help the nerve recover. Homeopathy can speed up the process.

Let me know if you have more questions or if I missed something.


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