QUESTION: Sir, m 24 years old with no health issues but i have been suffering from tinnitus since 3 years.initially it was only high pitch EEEE in both ears which was not bothering.
But now from one month i have been percieving different sounds in left ear. Like pressure cooker sound,crickets chirping. Im very much in distress. I hav strted homoepathy medicine from 20 days but no improvement

ANSWER: Hello Alyna!

What happened 3 years ago before the tinnitus began? I will give you some ideas for remedies that you can try and then I will give you some information about the type of life stress that is associated with tinnitus most often. Resolving repetitive stress can end the tinnitus if you can figure out what happened and if you are still stressed about it.

Since I don't know any of the circumstances when the tinnitus appeared and I don't know much about you, I can send you some remedies to check out and see which one best fits your situation:

Homeopathic Remedies for Tinnitus - a 30C or 200C twice a day for 3-4 days will show you if a remedy is correct by improving the hearing - try a few remedies or trust your homeopath to pick another, better remedy:

Calcarea carbonica: When this remedy is indicated, tinnitus may be experienced alone or with vertigo. You may have hearing problems, or cracking and pulsing sensations in the ears. Those who need this remedy are usually chilly, easily fatigued, crave sweets, and feel overwhelmed and anxious when unwell.

Carbo vegetabilis: Useful if ringing in the ears occurs during flu or other conditions involving vertigo and nausea. The symptoms may be worst in the evening and at night. You may feel cold and faint. You may have a craving for fresh and moving air.

China (also called Cinchona officinalis): Helpful if you feel touchy, weak, and nervous with sensitivity to noise and tinnitus. This remedy is often given after fluids have been lost through vomiting, diarrhea, heavy sweating, and surgery or other conditions involving blood loss.

Chininum sulphuricum: Buzzing, ringing, and roaring sounds that are loud enough to impair the person's hearing suggest a need for this remedy. A tendency toward chills and vertigo, during which the tinnitus is often worse is another indication for this remedy.

Cimicifuga: This remedy is useful for people who are very sensitive to noise, along with tinnitus, and often have pain and muscle tension in the neck and back. They are usually energetic, nervous, and talkative, but become depressed or fearful when not feeling well. Other indications for this remedy are: headaches and problems during menstrual periods.

Coffea cruda: This remedy is indicated for an excitable, nervous person with tinnitus accompanied by extremely sensitive hearing and a buzzing feeling in the back of the head. They often have insomnia from mental overstimulation.

Graphites: Beneficial to a person who has tinnitus with associated deafness. Hissing and clicking sounds are often heard in the ears (or even louder sounds like gunshots). The person may also have a tendency toward constipation, poor concentration, and cracking skin eruptions.

Kali carbonicum: Useful for tinnitus with ringing or roaring, accompanied by cracking noises and itching in the ears. Vertigo is another indication. Persons who benefit most from this remedy are often quite conservative, with a rigid code of ethics. They tend to feel anxiety in the region of the stomach.

Lycopodium: This remedy is often prescribed when you have a humming and roaring in the ears, along with impairment of hearing. Sounds seem to echo in the ears. You have a tendency toward ear infections with discharge, as well as chronic digestive problems or urinary tract complaints.

Natrum salicylicum: Beneficial if ringing in the ears is like a low, dull hum. Loss of hearing related to bone conduction, as well as nerve interference and vertigo, may be involved. This is a useful remedy when tinnitus and tiredness occur after influenza or along with Meniere's disease.

Salicylicum acidum: This remedy is often indicated for tinnitus with very loud roaring or ringing sounds, which may be accompanied by deafness or vertigo. Flu and Meniere's disease are other indications. This may also be helpful if tinnitus has been caused by too much aspirin.

Causticum could also be useful in the types of noises you describe - it also has a feeling of homesickness in some cases.
Terentula is a possibility as well.

German New Medicine discovery about the mind-body connection in cases of tinnitus:


The trigger can be a life trauma involving a hearing conflict - "I don't want to hear this!", "I can't believe I heard this!", "It can't be true what I just heard!"; it is a conflict of not wanting to hear something, e.g. a certain noise, acoustic message, words someone said, information we did not like, etc.

During our stress phase we experience a functional impairment of hearing manifested as Tinnitus. WHAT is actually heard, points to the original traumatic experience. Its biological purpose is to be a warning system. For example, if there were crickets around when you received undesirable information, your mind can remember the crickets and use this memory of sound to warn you every time you think of your problems. So that stress will produce and maintain the noise. Over time, depending on the situation, this can be complicated by a new conflict on top of the old one.

Once the life conflict is resolved and it no longer bothers you, the hearing can be healed and eventually normalized. This happens in two stages. During the first stage the volume of the sound(s) involved diminishes. As healing progresses it reaches a peak or healing crisis during which you can have a brief period of deafness - hearing loss of the frequencies involved (hissing, chirping in your case).

(A chronic hearing impairment is the result of a repetitive hearing conflict.)

During the second and final healing phase hearing can be fully restored. But! If there is a repetition of the stress or if you keep remembering and re-living it in your imagination, lets say, then healing cannot end.

In your situation this problem has dragged on for 3 years which means that you are not over the emotional hurt that brought it on. Or perhaps you are in an environment where the original trauma happens often - people saying mean things, the same person being offensive, waiting to hear good news that never come - something like that can keep the tinnitus going for a long time.

Here are some explanations about the emotional side of things:



Tinnitus is a ringing, whistling or buzzing inside the ear that is not audible to anyone else. The sounds are not a hallucination, but are directly linked to one's center of balance.


Tinnitus occurs when there is too much noise going on in your mind. Have you allowed yourself to become so distracted with what is rattling around in your head that you are unable to hear what is really going on around you? Those suffering from tinnitus often feel a loss of balance and fear losing self-control. They are capable of hiding their fears and want to give the impression that they are well balanced. Tinnitus often occurs in people who berate themselves for not "walking their talk" or "practicing what they preach."


It is imperative that you realize that you are confused between your intellect and your intuition. What you believe to be your intuition is merely a trick being played on you by your ego. You want so much to present yourself as courageous and well balanced that you fool yourself into thinking you are in control, rather than trusting enough to surrender to your intuitive self. Instead, you lose your balance, tripping through the cacophony of your tangled thoughts. Allow yourself to listen to criticism about yourself, knowing you have the freedom to do with them as you wish.

Make a conscious effort to listen to what is coming from outside, even the opinions of others, so that you can make informed decisions and communicate effectively. Remember, you don't always have to practice what you preach, but if you want to, you'll find a way that will suit you.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: There is no trauma or stress associated when it first started. I was in second year of mbbs & all of a sudden in middle of night i wokeup with a bell sound in my whole head. All the doctors i visited they said to live with it. I hav no hearing impairment. Then gradually i got used too it because tht sound was easily maskiable by everyday sounds. I just totally ignore it for 3 years. Now again all of a sudden i percieved this everyday changeable noises like a spund coming from old tv or pressure cooker sound or musical tune etc. This put me into distress. Now im in final year of mbbs & it really tough I cant funtion properly because i heard these sounds everywhere. I hope homoepathy give some relief to me

Are you sure you were not too busy with studies, perhaps worried about your success in school or having problems with a person? Sometimes it is a very personal thing - like not enjoying what you study or not achieving your goal as you like it. Someone saying something unpleasant, surprising or disturbing?

In any case, there are many remedies to try and see if they help.


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