Hello and I used to ask question but this time I have very sensitive thing that my mother 49 year old have increased blood sugar from last one month with weakness and weight loss also.
As I know ,we not recommend insulin or any oral hypoglycemic drug  only exercise and life style modification ,but we didn't succeeded, now I am Interested in natural treatment  for type2 diabete .
Some important symptoms are
Sleep- very less sound sleep
Body- feeling body ache and weakness,pain special ly in heals
Head-sometime dizziness pt have bp problem taking Medicine
Skalp-- lots of hair fallig
Eating habbit- regular normal eating 3 times a day
Bladder and bowel-regular and normal
         No excess urination or thurst

Dear Rizwan,
         There is no alternative to diet and exercise when it comes to treating type 2 diabetes. If your mother wants to avoid medications, she should avoid cereals completely in her diet. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, milk or curds, and a bowl of pulses will go a long way in controlling her blood sugar. While red meat is forbidden, white meat is permissible. Regular exercise is a must. If she still does not respond, you can give her 2 teaspoons of jamun powder thrice daily for a month. This is the safest natural hypoglycemic agent. Thank you.  


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