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Homeopathy/parkinson plus disease


QUESTION: progressive dysarthria, progressive gait imbalance( both 5yrs ago), marked downward gaze restriction, upwardgaze restricted, no cognitive decline, memory good, Now difficulty in swallowing liquid, vocal cord weakness, ataxia++, constipation          taking syndopa 125(four times), ropark0.5(thrice), amantrel100(BD),rasigiline0.5(OD), Doctor say it may b progressive supranuclear palsy or MSA-C,          kindly suggest best homeopathic treatment for brain n throat choking problem or for such disease

ANSWER: Dear Rajkumar,
         First and foremost, I suggest that you increase your intake of nutraceuticals along with your allopathic medicines. Please take Astaxanthin 6 mg twice daily and CoQ10 300 mg once daily. Drink the juice of 2 raw tomatoes daily, as tomatoes are a rich source of the antioxidant Lycopene. Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric and quarter teaspoon of black pepper powder to a glass of milk and have two such glasses per day. Turmeric contains curcumin, a substance that is known to protect nerve tissues; whereas, black pepper is known to potentiate its effects by facilitating its absorption and utilization in the body. On the homeopathic side, take Lachesis 30C, 6 pills once weekly; along with two biochemic tonics, namely Kalium phosphoricum and Magnesium phosphoricum, both in 3X potency, chewing 4 tablets of each thrice daily. Please try this protocol for 2 months and tell me if you see any improvement. Thank you.   

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Dr prescription
Dr prescription  

QUESTION: Kindly see reports attach.          Major point is weight is lost from 70 kg to 45 kg in 5 years. Will these medicine improve swallowing problem of liquid n food.

Dear Rajkumar,
         Your weight loss is related to your reduced ability to eat; so, once you are able to swallow comfortably, your weight will also increase. Logically, the medications prescribed by me are absolutely safe and worth trying, as I have seen many patients with degenerative neurological disorders respond well to them. Also, if you are finding it difficult to swallow glasses of milk and the tablets or capsules prescribed, I suggest that you empty the contents of the capsules in a small cup and add the powdered tablets to this. Opt for a Lycopene 10000 mcg supplement, if you cannot swallow tomato juice. Add a teaspoon of turmeric to all the contents in the cup, add a little water and honey, and swallow it. Do this for the first few weeks till your swallowing improves. Thereafter, you can take them in their regular form. Thank you.  


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