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Dr. Aryev,

My wife Parul is suffering from major depression ... to the extent of suicidal thoughts, insomnia.
She has been taking Chamomilla and Kali Phos (200C - liquid 8 drops once a day - in the morning).
Last month this was taken, but irregularly.

Please advise best homoeopathic remedies for suicidal thoughts. She is a very emotional, hypersensitive person ... takes life too seriously and worries too much.
Also suffering from autoimmune disorder (Rhuematoid Arthritis) for which we are following naturopathy - foods, supplements and yoga.


Dear Kapil,

This case should be taken seriously and you should see a good homeopath to get her proper treatment soon. There are several remedies for suicidal depression but a holistic case has to be taken to understand her situation.

I usually do not give a prescription without taking proper case, but her attending homeopath should think about Aurum Metallicum as one of the possibilities. (Not a prescription but a mere suggestion).

best wishes,


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