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I have a 95 Honda accord ex manual with v-Tec engine. Recently I parked my car at a local store and it caught a small flame and put it out as soon as possible. I fix the problem on how that happen but three days later I took it to the carwash to rinse underneath the hood. Driving home there was a loud knocking sound coming from the hood then powered off and hasn't started since.

I took both the battery and starter out to get checked and both seem to be fine. Note I currently have a smaller battery in my car. When attempting to start it there's some clicking sometimes none at all, a short soft wining sound, acts like its trying to turn but nothing happens. None of the lights show on the dash not even the ABS or brake light. The headlights and A/C do come on though.

Please and thank you for any information or tips you may have to give.

I'm not sure what caused the knocking noise but I can tell you a little bit about the electrical problem I think.
It sounds like you have several things going on here. The first is that you likely got water inside one or more of your electrical connections at the car wash. This is a somewhat common problem. Sometimes the electrical connections are not tight or they degrade and let water into them. This causes a bad connection. The only way to fix this problem is to either let them dry out on their own or try to find all major connections and dry them out with a hair dryer or something similar.
As far as the not starting problem...this could be a part of the same thing or it could be different. You may simply have either a bad battery or a more likely cause would be that your battery connections are not clean and tight. I've seen this problem lots of times. You need to first get a good battery, your car won't start unless you have a known good battery. Then you need to clean the connections and tighten them until you can't turn them with your hands.
The clicking you are having tells me that you don't have enough voltage going through your electrical system to start the car.
I think if you get a new battery and clean and tighten the connections you will fix at least half of your problems.  

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