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Hello I have a 2000 Honda crv.  so my radiator had a leak on top at the seam.  It never got to the red on the temp.  I changed the Radiator and when doing so I lost a little tranny fluid so I topped everything off.  Car ran fine for first 5 min then began to sputter and check engine light started flashing.  So I turned around and then it stopped and light went off.  What are some possibilities?  Oh and I didn't replace thermostat when changing radiator.

The first thing you need to do is have the codes checked. There is really no way for me to figure out what might have happened without the codes.

Most likely you didn't hook some wires back up or some of the connections are not tight or something like that. If I were you I would go back through and re check everything that you took apart and see if you can find anything that you forgot or didn't put back together correctly.  

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