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Honda Repair/Speed Sensor 2004 Honda Accord


QUESTION: Should the speed sensor have been replaced when the transmission was rebuilt?

ANSWER: Unfortunately there aren't really any standards that all repair shops follow when rebuilding auto parts. When I rebuild something for someone I let them know exactly what is going to be replaced. Unless you have something in writing stating that they are going to replace the speed sensor I can't say that it "should" have been replaced.
A speed sensor isn't one of those parts that should necessarily be replaced with a rebuild. Given that it's a Honda and they have problems with these sensors I would have probably replaced it if it was me, but I'm sure many shops don't.

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QUESTION: I understand fully what you are saying, but if the speed sensor goes into the transmission, is it a possibility that something inside the transmission is "not" reading the speed sensor? Or is it just what you said above?

It actually works the opposite way. The speed sensor reads how fast the transmission is turning and sends that info to the computer.
It is possible that there is a problem with the output shaft of the transmission, but that is not likely and it is not a normally replaced part as part of an overhaul (unless it was inspected and they found it to be bad).
Honda speed sensors are known for not being reliable long term so I would suspect this first.  

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