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I recently had my transmission repaired,  not long after (about an hour after getting car back and driving it) my odometer started jumping around and my car dies when I try to accelerate.  Tested the engine which is fine,  battery is good, distributor was replaced.  Still the same problem.  Took it back to the transmission place and they say it's not from anything they did and refuse to fix. Any ideas as to what is wrong?  Thank you in advance.

This sounds to me like maybe they messed up the speed sensor or something. I don't know why it dies when you accelerate.

If your car didn't do any of this before you took it to them then they most likely caused the problems. If I were you I would take it back to them and tell them that it didn't do this before you took it there and now it's doing it so obviously they must have messed something up. See what they say. Ask to see the manager or owner...get as high up the chain as you can...they would likely be more apt to work with you.

Also, I would find an better mechanic.

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