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Hi, as I was driving down the road, my honda just died out and I safely pulled onto the side
of the road and tried to restart my car. As I turned the key, the car would turn over, but it would not
stay on. It felt like there was no gas getting into the fuel system, my car has more than half tank of gas
and the battery is strong. However,  I noticed that the dashboard lights would not illuminate but it would work whenever I turn on the key......Could you please give me some advice?!!

Much thank you,
Stuck on the side of the road

There are several things I would check first. You need to check the fuel pressure with a fuel pressure gauge. If you lost fuel pressure it could cause a problem like this.

You also need to check and see if the timing belt broke. This is another common cause of a car that just dies while driving.

I hope this helps.  

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