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Honda Repair/2000 Odyssey Error Codes


1manstanding wrote at 2011-06-22 22:20:37
Hi, I had the same problem with my 2001 Honda Odyssey Transmission.

It failed with the same error codes in 2010, But Honda America would not give me

the extended warranty based on the number of years lapsed, more than

7 years or so although my mileage was under 100k. So I had to swallow

the cost of rebuilt. I first complained about the transmission shift issue with local dealer when I only had 55k miles, they never entered my complaint into their computer system by saying it should be fine with fluid change, so I could not prove my case when I talked to Honda America Customer Service about transmission failure although I changed the transmission fluid every two years as recommended. So there is a time limit for their extended warranty on transmission.  

tangnamo wrote at 2012-12-05 02:13:07
Correction: P1739--malfunction with 3rd (not 2nd) gear pressure switch.

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