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Honda Repair/92 civic cranks but wont start


Saulius wrote at 2007-07-26 20:27:40
A total nonsense, especially the part with 8 and 10 volts. I would say it's in opposite.. if ICM cuts on voltage from 10 to 8 then it's definitely broken. In my case was like described: 10v and 10v both ways. But coil was a fault.

Eric wrote at 2007-09-22 17:37:38
Before looking at anything I would pull codes from the ECM. If you dont find a code then I would say either you have a problem with your ECM (Very Very Slim Chance!) or your ECM has a wiring deficiency.

anslem wrote at 2013-02-13 02:06:57
did u ever find out what the problem was on ur civic situation

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