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 I have a home in roatan. I want to ship a 2003 bmw x5 suv to use there. I have a good deal available to buy this for $5500.
I know that the shipping cost is about $900usd. What are the duties and registration costs ? Is the duty based on what I pay for the car or some book value or ?? I am getting a good deal because the dealer needs some antique parts I have so I pay the $5500 cash only on the invoice. Title is clear and car was built in March of 2003. Please any help would be appreciated
Thank You

Hi, your X5 is considered a luxury vehicle and taxes are around 40% of its invoice value. Be sure to have your invoice and tell the seller he may have to authenticate the invoice if Honduran customs require. If they think you have a fake invoice they will calculate taxes based on Bluebook value. The law states that you can only import cars that are less than 10 years old so i think you are ok in that matter.

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