Ms Pata,

Hello my name is Chris.  I currently live in Colorado Springs. I am moving to Oahu around Halloween.  I have never been to HI. Moving with ample $ to start up.  I have lived on two islands before.  I am curious what's the best or better area for an inexpensive at least cheaper rent ( I plan on renting) one bedroom.  I old prefer a tiny house over an apt.  No kids not married.  Do you have an suggestions?  I am open anywhere on Oahu.  Thank you very much much!



Hi Chris,

Before you move here, it would be a good idea to visit and check it out. It is a beautiful place to live but it is different from the rest of the US. People who move here either love it and accept how things are or don't have a good experience because culturally it is very different from the mainland. Oʻahu has many things to offer and is a big city but it has a small town feel to it. Outsiders often misunderstand local culture and the transition can cause, "culture shock."

Renting a house can be expensive and it is easier to find an apt. It would be a good idea to stay in Waikiki if you visit so that you can make your way around from there and see the island. Housing in the mainland is different then over here. In Honolulu, it is smaller places and lots of apts but most of the nightlife and activities are in town. You can get around without a car and it will be easier to meet people.

There are cheap places to rent outside of Honolulu but most require a car and the neighborhoods might not be in the best areas. It is hard to explain and there are a lot of new housing developments in Kapolei and Ewa (west side) of Oahu but a one bedroom house is hard to find. I find myself having a hard time with your question because I know people who move here and love it but most move back to the mainland. I also know people who move here and hate it so that is why I really recommend that you visit first. You can rent a car and look at rentals online, schedule a visit so you can see what houses here look like because they are smaller. It would also be a great opportunity to see all the different areas of the island.

Good luck and I hope you enjoy Hawaiʻi.  


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