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Honolulu/Moving to Oahu in the fall


Greetings Ms. Pata,

I will try to be brief, I am certain you are busy.  To make it a bit simpler I will make my questions in bullet points.

--I am moving to Oahu.  I know absolutely no one there.  Do you have a suggestion regarding my shipping. Specifically a temporary address to use until I get there.  I am going to put all my boxes in storage but know a storage facility will not just accept them and pack it away for me.  P.s I am only shipping boxes.  No furniture, vehicle, etc
--I am going to rent an apt/place,short term (no longer than 3 or 4 week) so I have time to find the best deal and my ideal location.
--My ideal location is the North Shore.  I am aware of traffic problems and such.  Do you have advice on where, who or how is the best way to find something in that area?
--I have never been to HI but have lived on three other islands in my life (I am not in the military)  I say this bc I am glaringly aware of the cost, so called island fever and the lifestyle.
--Final so to not take up more of your time.  I am single, early 40's no kids never been married.  No pets non smoker and am really a quiet keep to myself individual who is a health/outdoors fanatic  In a perfect world I could stay in someone's house as a caretaker perhaps living in the house while the owners are out of town or better yet live in a guest house as I keep the house up, secure and safe.

Thank you and please forgive me for my lengthy email,
God Blesa you,
Mahalo :-)
Colorado Springs

P.s I know this means something to people so I will mention it.  I am college educated and even have a standing offer to work at the U of HI.  Also, have as many references and contacts anyone is welcome to go through.

Aloha Chris,

As far as shipping your items, you may want to look into a moving company. This is beyond my area of expertise.

Check Craigslist, AirBnB or VROB. You can also look into a long-term stay at Paradise Bay Resort located in Kaneohe on the east side of the island of Oʻahu.

North Shore rentals can be very pricey and when the winter season comes they become almost impossible to find due to the influx of surfers who wish to visit for the winter. Again, check Craigslist or look up property management companies on Oʻahu.

Being a caretaker is beyond my expertise. Good luck and I hope all works out well with the UH offer. There are many college educated with references and contacts on the Mainland who move here. Itʻs better to have local connections and contacts. Lots of people come and lots of people go, it can be a bit of culture shock for many. Learn the history of the overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi and do some research. Thereʻs two-sides to every story and this is not the Mainland, some find it quite difficult when they move here and others work through the challenges. There is a different attitude and a different lifestyle, you either get it or you donʻt and I wish well with your move.



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