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I have been seeking a largish hardback book of young adult horror stories (an anthology) I think is from the 70's or very early 80's. The cover was a gory splash of reds, blacks and other dark or reddish colors. It was about the size of the Alfred Hitchcock Monster Museum book.

The only two stories I can remember was one about an old tree (maybe an ash or elm) in the back yard of a house that has some evil entity or body buried underneath it and a boy and his father try to fight whatever it is coming out near the end.

The other story is even more vague, but it had something to do with a man, or a couple, returning to his old family home and there was an old mill on the property, and something about a giant frog (or frog of some kind) and a family curse or something.

Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated.


Trey Turner

This could be any of a number of books.  Many of them may be out of print.  You might try typing "horror collections (or compilations)" into a search engine.  It may have been an Alfred Hitchcock book or it may have been an edition of the "Tales from the Crypt."  It may have been stories compiled by John Zacherley.  Joel

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