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Hello, I need to solve a doubt for a college work. Many in internet say Friday the 13th is the mother of horror camping movies, but I suppose they say it because the film produced many sequels and a great amount of imitations that make this kind of films common today. For that, I understand before 1980 were less, but I can't believe nobody in cinema industry had the idea of to make a horror or simple mistery movie till 1980.
  Searching in the classics, I found some suggestions. There is a norwegian 1958 film, Lake of the Dead, about 6 friends who go to a cabin beside a lake to spend some days and see the summerplace is cursed. The last part of Cape Fear (1962) suggests as well a nightmare in a summerplace, and Leave Her to Heaven (1945) shows an invalid boy drowning into the lake (as Jason of F13)The idea of putting some persons in a isolated place to kill'em one by one isn't new since Agatha Christie's 'And there were none' of 1939, and she perhaps was ispired by film The Panthon of Crestwood of 1932.
  And there are some films (Pirannha, Grizzly, The Chainsaw Massacre) about horror tales located on summer places or holiday situations, but not before the 1970s. For all that, if Friday the 13th is the 'mother' of campfire tales, what is the grandmother? These kind of tales are as old as summer camps and it's strange nobody got an idea of make a film based on them.
 Many thanks from Spain!

Not real sure what the very first "camping horror" movie would be But,
Here are some other "camping" horror movies you might want to check out:

The Last House on the Left takes place in the woods partly and is pretty old(70s)

-The Burning(1981)
-The Final Terror(1983)
-Sleepaway Camp & its sequels
-Cheerleader Camp
-The Hills Have Eyes
-Evil Dead

Newer one- THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and Cabin Fever

Found some more:
-Shriek of the Mutilated
-Day of the Animals
-Long Weekend

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