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QUESTION: I am trying to discover the title of 1960's horror/suspense film that I saw, one covered in an issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland.
It was somewhat understated in delivery, and featured a black-mask-wearing (I believe) serial killer.  FMoF featured this film in one issue; had two stills:  one of the villain looking over a man being buried alive in lime, the other of a 'caretaker-type' character, impaled on spear-top fence-posts in what I remember being a cemetery. Don't remember the plot; the surprise was probably the identity of the killer.  Short title, such a 'Dementia' --- but that wasn't it...  black & white, from 1996 or before...

ANSWER: Could you clarify when this movie came out....was it in the 60s? Also it was in Black & White?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: It came out in 1966 (not 1996 as I typo'd above) or before, I believe.
And, yes, it was black and white.

Biggest clue:  it was featured in a '60s issue of Famous Monsters.  I read the piece and was able to see it in the theatre afterward..

Did you take a look at issue #8( try using google for the image of the cover)

Ok I may have a lead on something ...go and do a web search for Monsters of Filmland issue #8(1960) and look at the cover and see if that is something you remember. I am pretty sure the cover shows the killer you described(black mask).

Do you have an idea of what issue it might have been? Are you sure of at least what year it might have been? Could you narrow it down any?

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