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Horror Film/1960's movie about anonymous phone calls to a woman who eventually snaps.?


QUESTION: Hello Danny,
I am hoping you can help me find the title, I saw this movie in the 1960's in England. I do know It's not Midnight Lace or Dial M for Murder, nor Wait Until dark or Sorry Wrong Number.
I can only remember some of the movie, but mostly the end.
It was about a woman who was tormented by anonymous phone was the same caller, she tries so hard to find out who is tormenting her....She convinces herself that its an ex partner (or husband, not sure which) that she hasn't seen for a long time. She eventually manages to confront the man and she kills him in a blind panic, you are relieved in a way that her tormentor is dead. The body is lying in front of her...the phone rings, she answers it and its the same tormentor, so it wasn't her ex at all and thats all I can remember.
I was really young when I watched this film but I have never forgotten the plot as it really unnerved me at the time.
Thank you
Linda Dinsmore

ANSWER: Linda, I am pretty sure your movie is from 1963's BLACK SABBATH. This movie was actually 3 little/short movies rolled into one...your movie is called THE TELEPHONE(had kind of a risque topic for the day....same sex relationship implied). This was a great movie by the way, my favorite short movie in it was a called...THE DROP OF WATER. I am also pretty sure that the movie is on youtube, so you can watch it!

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QUESTION: Hello Danny,

I really appreciate you trying to help me.

I do have a question for you, when was this film shown in the UK, I have tried to find the date but cannot find any information.
The only city I saw movies was in Birmingham, England, if this helps.
"The Telephone" does have some of the things that I remember about the film I am seeking to find, however, I do not remember the 2nd female.
Mind you, I was young and it really did scare me.
I watched all 3 parts and it's still unerving.
I am going to watch the other 2 movies to see if they ring a bell with me too.
As I understand it, all 3 films were shown as 1 whole movie?
I am trying to ascertain if it was shown in Birmingham, and if so, I am trying to work out how old would I have been when I would have seen it.
Thank you once again

** Linda, I did some follow up and found out that it was released in the UK on December 6th of 1964 and another name for the movie is THE 3 FACES OF FEAR.

Hey Linda, I really checked around with others and they agreed with me that BLACK SABBATH (The Telephone) has to be your movie. Yes, it was shown as 1 movie.The movie is Italian and it was released in November of 1963 and then later released to America in May of 64, I would guess that the UK got it before the US? So it was shown probably sometime between November of 63 and May of 64 in the UK. I dont really know a way to find out when it was shown specially in Birmingham...sorry. But I am almost 100% sure that this is your movie.

Take care, Danny

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