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QUESTION: Danny, I asked Kate this but it looks like she isn't available. I have found out about the black and white version of The Flesh Eaters, released back in 1964. HOWEVER, as a very young man, I remember watching a color version of the movie that must have been a remake.It had the hippie scene as well as the big monster in the end-but this was ALL in color. The everything2 site mentions this re-release:

I am having a real tough time trying to find the "newer" version. Do you have any ideas? Perhaps the re-release was named differently?



ANSWER: James, ok in checking around I did find out that even though it was originally shot in B&W...when the movie was sold to TV for viewing , some TV stations altered some scenes into color and this is what you probably saw? I found out you can get a dvd(around $20) of the movie are a few sites that supposedly have it: and I did find out there is a computer colorized version somewhere out there also.You mentioned a remake but it doubtful that you saw it, from what I found out the "remake" was made in 2001 but the people who made it never found a distrubutor for it! I came across another movie that was shot in color with a very similar name....NIGHT OF THE FLESH might have seen this and got confused? I hope this helps you.

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QUESTION: Danny, thanks for your answer. The other movie called NIGHT OF THE FLESH EATERS is definetely NOT what I saw. My question then is this: since the original was very gory, did the TV stations/company possibly make a version for TV that was all color BUT watered-down in regards to the violense. Because in particular, the scene in the version I remember had the hippie taking a drink from the doctor, who had put a few of those "eaters" into it, and the next scene the following day had him on his raft, the recorder broadcasting his screams, but instead of a see-through of his body it was if he had been turned to stone. The final scene where the doctor/hero fight has the doctor being pushed into the water and the large monster springs from him yet is killed in a similar manner, with a large syringe.



Good luck find your movie!

From what I found out....there might have been "some" tv stations that coverted the B&W copy they got into a colorized version to show on TV. So it is possible you saw it in color. I don't think there is  a full color version available though. Did you try contacting the websites I mentioned to see if they do have a full color version? If not , you might have to just go with the old B&W version? Good luck finding one!


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