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QUESTION: In the early 1970s, I used to watch a Creature Feature show. One late night with 2 of my friends, I saw a film about a man in a wheelchair (elderly), a beautiful woman, and two other men fighting cloaked people. It is not Curse of the Crimson Altar nor Horror Hotel (which I both own). I have been searching for years on end to find it. With my knowledge, I'm thinking that it might have been a foreign film or the film didn't make it because of the deterioration of the film tape itself (such as London After Midnight). I'm also a fan of Bava so I know it's not Black Sabbath nor Black Sunday. I could really use some help with this on finding out what this film is.

ANSWER: Try and give me as much info on scenes or actors as you can....I will try to help you but really this might be out of my scope of knowledge if it is a foreign movie. I know some Bava movies.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: The gent in the wheelchair is a good guy (I remember that). The movie is black and white. I'm thinking it is a foreign film. I just went with a few suggestions from some others like Horror Hospital, Tombs of the Blind Dead (Spain or Mexico) and Devil's Rain. None of those are it. So I'm still looking.

**Taking a real shot in the dark here but try checking out these movies...see if one of them might be it: DUNWICH HORROR, THE DEVIL'S HAND, or INCUBUS.

Sorry but I think I need some more to go on so that I can try to help...please try to think of anything else you can. Any other scenes come to mind other than the guy in the wheel chair? Are the "cloaked men" devil worshipers/cult types?

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