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Horror Film/Query about "Trapped" with James Brolin


In the movie Trapped, Susan Clark has a couple scenes where she is covering her mouth. At about twelve minute into the movie, her character is in an airport with her husband and she is speaking to him the whole time holding a menu high in front of her face. We never see her mouth. When she finally puts down the menu and speaks, she is holding her hand in front of her mouth the whole time. The next scene she is facing away from the camera and her mouth is in the shadows. The next time we see her face, she is carrying the daughter and the daughter's arm is squarely covering her mouth.The next time she is holding a phone in front of her mouth. Was she having a problem with her mouth during filming?

I remember this tv movie...pretty good one! In checking around I can find no trivia about the movie that mentions any problems they might have had during that scene. My best guess would it was just something the director did....OR just a wild guess that the actress (Susan Clark) could have had an issue with her mouth, like maybe a cold sore or something the day of shooting, so they used those distractions to cover it up? But as I mentioned ...this would only be a guess on my part.

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