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QUESTION: I will apologize in advance for the vagueness of the details I can offer. I saw this when I was a child, I'm thinking early 70's. I viewed it on TV. Here are the details I remember-

A) whenever there was a POV shot from the killer it was accompanied by the sound of heavy breathing
B) the killer hid in the attic
C) on the staircase the killer uses nylon stockings to strangle someone
D) the movie ends with the house on fire and the killer is watching from an attic window while the survivors drive away.

Thats all I have. Thanks

ANSWER: Try checking out a movie called BLACK CHRISTMAS...see if it could be your movie.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Its not Black Christmas, this was something I was watching on TV in the early 70's, Black Christmas was still in the theaters in 75. I don't remember it being a slasher movie so much as a thriller... its possible that only one person got killed the whole movie as I only rememeber the scene in the stairwell... the POV with the breathing really sticks out.

Even though you have made some "jabs" at me and my movie knowledge....I have continued to search for your movie. I think I have finally found it....THE SHUTTERED ROOM from meets most of the things you pointed out...Timeline,POV Killer,killer hiding in the attic, girl strangled with stockings, and a fire at the end the survivors driving away.

For the record, you can look at my history of finding movies, its VERY good and in most cases I FIND the movies that I am asked about. I DO NOT just throw out random movies. When details are vague....sometimes the suggestions might also be vague.Many times the "asker" does not remember the details clearly and is off on some of the details. The movie I first suggested is one of the MOST famous "POV Killer" movies there is and many times that is the title many people will remember that they saw with a POV Killer. Anyways, I am VERY confident that I have found your movie so enjoy! (It is available to watch on youtube BTW)

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