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Horror Film/complex ideologies in the movie 'jaws'


val dillon wrote at 2013-05-04 11:29:56
i simply mean the way the camera goes in and out of the water in the film 'jaws'  we feel like we are right in the heart of the action the theme music and all the scenes related to cheif brody's turbulent mind and all the horror scenes....the narrative perspective and the way the camera moves with action can you explain all that in terms of complex ideologies thankyou ..val  

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Danny Ausbrooks


I have been a movie fan all my life,especially scary/horror type movies. I am a trivia buff in general but I am especially good at movies.If someone I know doesn`t know the answer to a trivia question, I am the person they call. My knowledge of horror movies would be from the late 60`s to presentI feel that I would be an asset to the site and I do enjoy helping others with questions that have them stumped.


Basically watching movies of all types(especailly scary type)since I was very young.I have an above average memory that I benefit from when playing most any kind of trivia game.I am someone that friends and family count on when they need the answer to a question that has them stumped.

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