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Hiya, The film im after, i thought it might have been dread (2009) but its earlier than that. 3 people are university and at least one of them is studying about fears, its two men and a woman. im can't remember what he does to the second man, but the girl is a vegetarian/vegan and he locks her in an attic in a disused house with a piece of raw meat, to see if she will eat it, she eventually does but not until its maggot ridden, any help you can give would be great, its driving me nuts!!

Pretty sure it has to be DREAD based on what I have read on it and I also talked to some others ....they agree its got to be DREAD. Here is a bit of info I found on the movie:

Cheryl, who is the project's editor, was molested by her father as a little girl. He worked at a meat-packing plant and smelled of meat while molesting her; to this day, she can't stand the smell of meat and refuses to eat it. Quaid kidnaps her and locks her in a room with a huge piece of beef. After about a week, she finally eats the entire piece of rotten beef.

Can you give me an idea of when the movie was released....80s, 90s...did you see it on tv/cable or at the movies?

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