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QUESTION: I watched a movie back around 1999 that I think came out between the years of 1983-1997. The way the movie looks is late 80's-early 90's, kinda like Return of the Living Dead or Night of the Living Dead. I'm pretty sure it's either a low-budget thriller or horror movie.

The most I know about it is this one female character. This woman reminds me of Luna Vachon from wrestling. It's as close to her image as it gets, she's just younger. It's this wild biker type white chick with a white mohawk that never shuts up. I'd say she's about 18-21 in the movie. She's with a few friends and they seem like hoodlums or something and I think they are either at this old white house outside or in a graveyard, most likely the house. And they're basically just hanging out being young.

Her voice is not high pitched either and she's always got this "I'm gonna kick your a$$ look on her face. I think her and her friends are drinking too, like that's why they're at the house or graveyard, to get effed up and trash the place.

It's not Return of the Living Dead.
It's not The Legend of Billie Jean.
It's not Tank Girl.

Here's a pic of Luna Vachon, I actually think this womans character is based from Luna Vachon or vice/versa.

ANSWER: Try checking out a movie called CLASS OF NUKE'M HIGH....see if this could be your movie

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Well you're definitely in the right direction, but that's not the movie. Your guess has been better than all other ones I've gotten though. I wish I knew more about the plot, I just know she looks similar, almost identical, to luna vachon. Also, there's scenes where they are outside and talking to one another in the movie and they're at this old mansion or something like that, then they go inside the place. I hope you can dig it up, I may have to ask the third guy on this website.

ANSWER: Well there are also Class of Nukem High part 2 and a part 3....try checking those out also.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Definitely not any of them. The scene in the movie I'm thinking of will be more accurate to my description. Like, you'll know it's it when you find it. I think I need to give you more info that I haven't yet, I'm thinking right now. Umm.. I wanna say the other characters this woman is with is only around 3-4 others and I think one of them is like a young black guy. And if I'm not mistaken, I think they're all wearing leather or denim jackets. And the scene they are in takes place around the outside of this mansion for at least 10 minutes before they go inside. I know all this is not much more help but I'm really trying to remember. I guess I should add that this woman at one point, she tells her friends to like look over at her while she's by herself OUTSIDE and she says something like "check these out" and then she flashes her breasts to them. I think the background of when it shows her flashing them is the sky, like a blue background cause it's the sky behind her. I remember her being really pale also.

I know you have said its not Return of the Living Dead but just about everything you have described is in that movie...the punk girl, the manision/graveyard, the black guy, the others in leather or denim jackets, they are outside, flashes in the sky because in one scene a storm with rain comes up....really have to say its sounds like RoLD to me! Have you gone onto youtube...there are several videos from the movie...look for one that shows them in the graveyard scene...see if it might refresh your memory.

BTW....the girl's name is Trash and the main punk guy is Suicide...try searching their names on youtube with the movie title too.

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