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I am looking for the name of a horror film I saw ages ago. From how it was made (acting etc) I would guess it was one those made in the late 70’s or early 80’s when a lot of films were made by people trying to get into the business. Either that or done by a small company.

The moan plot involves various villains etc through the ages trying to get a host body for either a demon or the devil.

The first part I remember is set in the middle ages and involves a guard trying to save his lover who the main bad guys wants as a host. In the end, the girl dies but has been killed in the wrong way to be a host, the guard kills the bad guys who is then sent to hell to be smashed to bits by demons. This scene is presented in a graphic not to realistic special effects type way.

The film then jumps to a dinner party in which all the guests are tied to their chairs and killed in various way. One stabbed with a knife, the other (a woman) repeatedly hit on the back of the head with a hammer. There are two guys doing this and eventually one of the women tricks one into shooting the other. She then kills the other only to be killed when a third man comes along.

The whole film screams ‘trying to shock in that late 70’s/early 80’s way’. From what I remember of the title, or at least the version I saw, part of it was in German (Finstens, which I think is German for evil or something).

I have been trying to find the film for ages, not to watch, just wanted to read up a little on it (if any information exists).

Hope you can help.

ANSWER: i dont know that I am going to be of much help on this one...with it being a German movie probably...I have not had access to those movies. Sorry! I will check around anyway

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I don't think the film was German, but I think the DVD was :-)

All the language in the film was English but I remember it having a German word in the title.

I remembered it ends with the guy who has been telling the story drowning the women he has been talking to (I think in a crypt), he then looks at the camera and says 'sorry, but you have to go now'.


ANSWER: Ok so you say the movie opens with some kind of narrator telling various stories set in different time periods? Was it a movie with 2 or more different stories within it....sort of like TALES FROM THE CRYPT or BLACK SABBATH?

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the film has various set pieces/sub stories in it, all with the same theme - someone trying to use someone as a host body.

I am also trying to track down where I saw this and if I find out anything, I'll let you know.


David...okay , I am pretty sure I found your movie but it was tough because I dont think some of your info was correct. I think your movie is called BEYOND THE LIMITS but it is from 2003. It has a German director and lots of german actors. You can see the trailer for it on check it out and let me know if I am right. Thanks, Danny

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