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QUESTION: This was an old black and white I saw as a young child early to mid 1960s.  The only scenes I can recall are when this mummy is being transported(to a museum?) in the rear of a panel van that had wooden slats over the window. I think the mummy had long square looking fingernails that it used to break the slats,then grabbed the driver by the throat and killed him,I think he got the passenger as well. Of course the panel van wrecked. The next scene I recall is the police showing up at the wreckage and the mummy had been thrown from the rear of the panel van. The police are checking things  out and see the dead men and the mummy laying at the roadside. They look around a bit more and when they return to where the mummy was it is missing. The only other thing I remember is that somehow they all ened up in a barn and the mummy was sifting through jewelry and such that was in a hay manger. This was towards the end of the movie.

ANSWER: Julie, do you have a time period that this movie would have been from? Where did you see, at the movies, etc?

Here are some movies that it could be:

The Mummy's Tomb
The Mummy's Ghost
The Mummy's Curse

Try to think of something else from the movie...another scene, anything.

Thanks, Danny

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I saw this movie on the tv when I was around 5-7 yrs old.  There is nothing else that comes to mind about it.  I just really needed to try and find it,it scared the crap out of me at that age and I have never forgotten those scenes. I wanted to watch it now that I am decades older and see what it was that made me afraid of the dark well into my 20s.  lol

Julie, are you sure you watched the right movie??? I checked it out before I told you about it and the beginning of the movie was just about exactly what you said....the panel van(even the woods slats), the hand coming through the window and attacking the driver, the "mummy" being on the side of the road one minute and gone the next. Sure seemed like what you described? Oh well.

Julie, I am pretty sure I found your movie. You were a bit off on some of the details but after checking around , the movie you are looking for is THE CURSE OF THE FACELESS MAN (1958). You are in luck too...the whole movie is on YOUTUBE!  

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