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Hi Danny, this is Rodrigo, from México, and want to know the name of this movie i remember watching in the late 80's:

I was very youg, but i remember very clearly it was about some teens in the beach i believe, in one scene a guy enters a classroom only to find all his friends dead in very different and grizzly ways, like one had a circular saw stuck in his head, another one had his guts out and things like that, but all turned up to be some kind of prank, they were only using costumes.
On another scene i barely remember, one guy was sleeping and had a nightmare about eating one of his eyes on a stick.

Hope can help me.

Glad I helped the way...I am pretty sure you can at least find parts of the movie on YOUTUBE...maybe even the whole movie there. IF not try CRACKLE...I think they have it there for free!

I am pretty sure the movie you are talking about is the 80s classic SUMMER SCHOOL with Mark Harmon.

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