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The movie was in color, and I think I may have originally seen it on netflix. It was a horror/serious movie, not about anything like werewolves etc, I think it was like a murder psychological horror. It was non-fiction, and def came out some time within the last 20 years, though more likely within the last 10 years.
I remember a specific scene, and have been searching everywhere trying to find an actor from it, or a movie like it, to try to get me closer to an answer but haven't had any luck whatsoever.
In the scene, there was a red-brown haired actor, who looks like Aaron Taylor-Johnson with short hair, screaming so much and so intensely he starts spraying spit. Screaming at someone, words, not just wailing. And I think he may have been holding a gun.
I check everything Aaron has been in, and it isn't him, but looked exactly like him facially and body-type wise.
I remembered this scene over a month ago and still haven't found any info as to what it's from or who the actor was, so it's driving me nuts and I've reached the end of my rope searching.
I know I don't have much to go on, but I'm hoping this may spark someone's memory and lead me to an answer.
I watched Godzilla 2014 and seeing Aaron in it made me recall this scene, so the actor truly looked just like him.
I can see it all in my head perfectly clear, but it's really hard to put into words.
Thank you for any/all help <3

Kim, try checking out the movie SAVAGES....there is a scene close to what you mention in it.

Kim, I would really like to help you but I would need a bit more to go on. Can you try to narrow down the time frame....was the movie from the 80s, 90s, 2000s,etc. Can you think of more scenes fromt he movie, etc? Thanks, Danny

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