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Hi Aaron
I have just recieved a response from you saying that my question was OUTSIDE your EXPERTISE.

Am I understanding this correctly?  You watched the clip, heard the particular piece I asked to identify and from that you didn't recognise it.  

or Because you saw it was a drag performance you assumed it wasn't part of your expertise as a Horror Film expert.

Thanks so much.

Hello Christopher,

I would never reject a question based on the sexuality of a clip. I take great respect in the volunteer work I do on this site and wouldn't bring a personal opinion into how I approach a question from a valued questioner.

I did take a look into the clip and was unable to determine the movie it was from. It's not a movie line that I've heard before. I hope your able to locate an answer for it.



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Aaron Smith


I have been a horror movie fan since I was allowed to watch them. I have all the Halloween films memorized as well as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, et al. I'm first in line on a new horror movie opening, including Freddy Vs. Jason, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), Wrong Turn. Trust me with your questions involving Horror and I promise I will not dissapoint. Throw any type of horror question at me and I will try 100% to answer it, otherwise I will point you into the direction of one the other honorable volunteers that may be able to.


I have been watching horror movies ever since I was allowed. Im the only crazy person who actually has "Halloween 3: Season of the Witch" which proves I love horror films. My knowledge spans from the 80's to present.

I am already volunteering in Action & Adventure flicks at this site and I am branching out to more topics in order to help you guys out more.

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