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Hello!! My name is Laura and I am in desperate search of a certain B-horror film!! With Mother's Day approaching I wanted to find this on DVD but I have looked high and low and I am not even sure it exists..... Perhaps you can help me? My mother is 61 years old and when she was a young child (maybe 11 or 12) she used to stay up late at sleepovers watching fabulous horror movies on TV, one of which she was never able to forget.... It was called "Dracula versus the vampire women". She *swears* this was the title, and she absolutely adored it. She is a huge movie fan and owns several thousand DVDs.... This particular title has not made its way into her collection because we just can't find it! I am uncertain as to whether that was the correct title, because even rare B-movie websites don't have it listed. I was hoping to appeal to your expertise for help.... Have you ever heard of "Dracula Vs. The Vampire Women"? And is there any way that it has been produced on DVD? If you could link me to a page where I could purchase it I would be much obliged and it would MAKE my mom's day and year and decade!!  :)
Please help if you are able? Thank you so so much for taking the time to read my question!!
-Laura :)

Well I hope I can help so that you can find this for your Mother! I am going to take a early stab at this and asked if this could be her movie.....THE BRIDES OF DRACULA from 1960? I have seen this one myself a number of times and the plot would be something that could make one think of that title for it.

I really think she must be confused on the title...I have done some searches using just "Dracula VS....." and I did not find one that matched. Believe it or not but there have been lots of "Dracula VS's" but I didn't one for "the Vampire Women"

If not, can you get me some details about the movie? Plot? Some specific scenes? Also about what year could it have been when she saw the movie? I need a time period 50s, 60s, etc to help me search.

Take care, Danny  

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