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I don't know if you have seen the movie the blob. It came out in 1988. And the scene that I'm going to talk about is the sewers. And when Eddie fell into the water Megan goes back in tries to help him but could not find him and then all of a sudden Eddie comes out with his face kind of eaten up and then ends up back into the water. Then Megan swims away and gets out of the water. Why didn't Megan try to grab Eddie when he came back up from the water?

Hey Jake, Yes I have seen the remake of the Blob from 1988. I am not positive but I would say that Megan just kind of panicked and was scared that the Blob would get her too. She also probably thought that Eddie was too far gone for her to really help him.

I would suggest you check out the oringal Blob movie from stars a very young Steve McQueen.  

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