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Hello! I'm working on a story about porcelain dolls and why people find them so creepy. I was wondering if you could sort of fill me in on the major movies that instilled this fear of dolls in people.


Ah....the scary dolls phobia! Not sure when it started but yes LOTS of people are creept out by dolls just like some people are scared of clowns. Here are some of the movies I can think of:

-Dead of Night (1945)
-This is one of the first ones I can remember..."Talking Tina" from the Twilight Zone episode!
-Magic - it is about a scary ventriloquist doll (here is a link to the movies traile... I couldn't even watch the trailer without getting scared!

-Trilogy of Terror - the Tiki Doll( this one also scared the crap out of me as a kid!)
-Dolly Dearest
-Child's Play (the Chucky movies)
-Puppet Master (technically puppests but close enough and VERY creepy!)
-Poltergeist (combining two scary things....a creepy clown doll!)
-** a fairly new one is the creepy doll for THE CONJURING....Annabelle ( I read she is getting her own movie soon)

Hope this helps....good luck on your story!

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I have been a movie fan all my life,especially scary/horror type movies. I am a trivia buff in general but I am especially good at movies.If someone I know doesn`t know the answer to a trivia question, I am the person they call. My knowledge of horror movies would be from the late 60`s to presentI feel that I would be an asset to the site and I do enjoy helping others with questions that have them stumped.


Basically watching movies of all types(especailly scary type)since I was very young.I have an above average memory that I benefit from when playing most any kind of trivia game.I am someone that friends and family count on when they need the answer to a question that has them stumped.

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