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Hi, I am attempting to help some folks find horror movies that they have forgotten, and I found you when searching for horror experts. I thought I might see if you all would mind helping me, help these folks looking for horror flicks.

Here are the questions, or at least their summary of memories past: 

1. The main guy had black hair and the bad guy did too I think. The scene that stood out most was the bad guy had a woman tied to a chair and he bit her fingers off with a sickening crunch in front of the main guy. I also remember a scene witha baby in a tent which I think was dead. I think they were superhuman too, and I think there was a fight scene on some sort of dock with crates.. I just remember cannibalism being a main theme.


In the movie there's a group of friends in a big house they all get killed one by one I think one of them was the killer. I remember a scene where a guy was tied in a bed, then his girlfriend goes to take a shower while she's in the shower the glass breaks on top of the guy and falls on him. Other scene a guy in boiling hot tub then the killed cover the hot tub with rubber I think. Other scene one of the open the fens then a thin wire cuts his neck out. another scene a black guy get locked in a room with a snake. then at the end there's a funeral and a girl from the group is in it and she looks cheesy as if she's the killer. 

3. One scene involves an RV vehicle with a woman inside. It's in a desert like place and the RV is parked by some cave like entrance at the base a red dirt cliff. Also some sort of mutant man(mutant looks like sloth from the goonies)attempts to attack her from the outside of the RV. Another scene is in a jungle and it involves a group of people being chased by zombie like Capuchin monkeys that swing from vines and blow poison darts with twig like dart guns at the people they are chasing. The last scene I remember goes along with the scene from the jungle only it involves a man (whom I guess veered off from the group) who came upon a pond at the entrance of some dark cave. The man got down on his knees, scooped up some water with his hands and rubbed it on his face. The water must have been some kind of acid because the mans face melted almost immediately. Also there was some kind of dark creature that stepped out of the cave as the man died. 

I apologize for the spelling mistakes, I am just grabbing stuff, for the most part, verbatim from the posts.

Thank you guys for taking the time to read my letter, I hope it was not too many questions. If there is any help you could provide, even whom with I should speak, I would be eternally greatful. I am just wanting to help these folks find what they are missing.



For 1 and 2 , I really need some more information so that I can find these for you.

As for #3, did you check out GARGOYLES? was a TV movie from the 70s

Can you supply a time frame for these movies...when did they come out...70s, 80s, more recently?

#3- sounds like a movie called GARGOYLES....try check it out to see if it could be it

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I have been a movie fan all my life,especially scary/horror type movies. I am a trivia buff in general but I am especially good at movies.If someone I know doesn`t know the answer to a trivia question, I am the person they call. My knowledge of horror movies would be from the late 60`s to presentI feel that I would be an asset to the site and I do enjoy helping others with questions that have them stumped.


Basically watching movies of all types(especailly scary type)since I was very young.I have an above average memory that I benefit from when playing most any kind of trivia game.I am someone that friends and family count on when they need the answer to a question that has them stumped.

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