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Horror Film/accurate depiction of hell video montage


QUESTION: Hello, I may have a question I hope will not stump you.On youtube Bill Weise from the book "23 minutes in hell and Mary k. Baxter of Divine Revelation of Heaven and Hell put together a video montage about hell.They call the montage "an accurate depiction of hell"
There is a particular video clip with a man being carried off by a big burly man. There is another man being chopped up on a slab, with a monkey with wings jumping and laughing at the torture going on.
Can you identify the movie clip I am speaking of?

Thank you,

ANSWER: I noticed a few movie clips in the are some to check out:
LEGEND (Tom Cruise movie), Dragon Slayer, Altered States, and Terminator 2.

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QUESTION: Thank youso much Danny for responding so quickly. I so appreciate you. The movies names you gave me I actually already have detected. Dreamscape is the footage of the woman running from the cloud storm. The black hole is the footage with the little robot on the mountain with the flames burning and rising.
I am wondering if the footage I was talking about, is possibly a foreign film. What do you think? Do you know alot about foreign films?

I cannot wait to hear from you! The best to you!

Thank you,

Thanks Sherry for the nice comments. So you found the scenes you were looking for? Glad to have helped.

Sherry, I am pretty sure that the main scene you were describing comes from LEGEND(Tom Cruise movie)...they are scenes from Hell(where the character "Darkness" lives). I even checked around and a lot of others agree with me that it is from LEGEND.  

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