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I have been trying to find this movie for many years and now i am desperate. I will say everything that i remember about it.  Older than 2007.  Entire movie happens in an abandoned  building. if i am correct there were around 5 to 10  swat/officers(1 or 2 female officers)  trapped in building and inside the building was some sort of killer (mutant maybe?) that could possibly move on ceiling and i think he/it had some shiny blades. I remember a scene where soldiers in yellow suits arrive at building and when they get inside  they get killed very fast by the killer. Another scene where a female cop is hanging from ceiling above a pool of blood. Finally, if my memory is right, in the end 2 officers get out of building ( male and a female cop).  

I hope you can help me !!!!!

ANSWER: Can you try to narrow down the time frame of when this movie came out? Is it an American movie? Thanks, Danny

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QUESTION: It probably was american,   my guess the movie came out anywhere between 1995-2006  i saw it on TV

I really think you are talking about the movie SPLIT SECOND with Rutger Hauer but it is from 1992. It has most of what you described....alien creature(mutant) with blade like finers, soldiers being killed off by the creature. A woman hung upside down as bait...etc. It is available on YOUTUBE , so check it out and see what you think.

Thanks, Danny

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