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I am hoping you may have the answer to a nuclear war or plague survival movie I remember from my youth. I believe it was done in the late 70's or 80's. The premise was that several couples and friends had build an underground bunker, and had retreated to it during a nuclear war or plague. The survivals where trying to ride out the situation, but after several months started devolving into madness. One man even resorting to killing and eating the leg or a woman. In the end only one couple emerged alive and resurfaced only to find the world a dead waste land. I can't remember much more detail others than a memorable scene with some of the survivalist playing cards. I seem also to remember this might have been a foreign film based in Germany but could be mistaken. If you have a clue of the title of this film I'd appreciate knowing it. I've been going nuts trying to find it again for years but no luck

I came across some possible titles..check these out to see if it could be your movie:

1) ll giorno prima or CONTROL(USA title) or MIND CONTROL (UK title)

Can you remember anything else from the movie...scenes, actors, etc? Also can you try to give me more of an accurate time period for the movie? Did you see on tv? If it's not an American made movie...I might not be able to help.

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